What does the Keyword Ranking Tool provide?

Keyword Monitor Dashboard


This is the homepage of your account, see all your monitored domains in a nice dashboard. Facebook and Google+ Shares are updated in realtime. Also the Google PageRank is provided for each domain.

Keyword Monitor Overview


Simple and effective keyword overview, view your weekly rankings, set the competition, add and remove keywords and manage your domains.
Add email alerts, change the Google version.
After you add new keywords you receive Google data within 1 hour.

Google Ranking Tool Competition Mode

Competition Mode

Show the keyword rankings for all your competitiors, green indicates that you rank better, red indicates that your competitior has done a better job.
No limitation, you can check against every other domain in realtime.

Google Rankings over time

Rankings over time

Show your weekly rankings over time, with a nice graph and in a table. CSV exports are a planned feature.
View the daily Google Top 100 for the specific keyword. Green indicates your ranking.

Google Trends

Google Trends and more

Google Trends for every keyword is included (where data available).

URL Rankings

URL rankings

See which URL of your website ranks for your monitored keywords and on what place. You can compare selected dates and show all your rankings over time.

Ranking competition

Compare your rankings

Compare your rankings with up to six other domains on a daily basis.
The view can be searched, sorted and fully exported as CSV, PDF or to Google Drive.

More Features