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Our Keyword Rank Checker is able to monitor countless keywords and their exact positions within the Google top 100 on a daily basis. You can create mutiple projects and watch up to six domains. In addition the ranking of your keywords is presented using graphical charts. Competitors can also be detected and tracked, so you can compare your keyword rankings against other companies. If you add new Keywords the tool will check the ranks within two hours.

A manual keyword rank check does not give you transparent ranking information. After the numerous updates from Google in recent years you always get personal search engine result pages. Google considers a lot of factors like: your location, data in your browser cache, your Google +1s, search results you clicked earlier and always shows you customized search results. To avoid this and get objective keyword ranking data you must change your IP, delete your cookies, use another browser just to mention a few techniques.

With the SEORCH Keyword Rank Checker you will get an inexpensive tool that will save you a lot of time. Our Rank Checker runs in your browser and you can also use it on a tablet computer or an Apple iPhone. There is a fourteen day trial period included. After this time the plans start at just $10 per month for 50 keywords. There is no subscription. If you don't want to use the tool in the future you won't get billed.

Keyword Rank Checker Details

Keyword Rank Checker Details

For all your monitored keywords you will see the top 100 search results, your weekly and daily rankings and new keyword suggestions to consider.

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Keyword Rank Checker for free?

No problem! Here you find our free Keyword Rank Checker. It checks the Top 100 Google Search results for any given keyword. It is also possible to enter a domain. For permanent monitoring just try the keyword rank checker fourteen days for free. If we don't convince you there is a possibility to extend your trial period, just write an Email and give us your username.