Simple and affordable Keyword Monitoring

The Keyword Monitor provides you with the ability to monitor the daily rankings for all keywords you specify. You can select your local market for example Spain or France and you will get the keyword data from those countries. It is possible to change the local market for set of keywords. You can precisely monitor your keyword rankings in all markets.

You get full transparency about your most important keywords and see ranking changes on a daily basis. Monitor your competitors and improve your SEO strategy. Adding your keywords is easy, just copy all keywords via a bulk import to the keyword monitoring tool. You can export your weekly rankings to Excel, Google Docs and any other spreadsheet software. When you click on a selected keyword you see a comprehensive information panel with a chart overview, Google Trends data (if available), more longtail keyword suggestions and the full Google Top 100 rankings.

The Keyword monitoring is supported by tabular and graphical elements. The tool first gives information about current and past positions of keywords in search engines. Further, the results can be compared with those of other Web sites. The use of the keyword monitoring tool is free of charge for fourteen days. After this time you decide if you want to pay for it in the future. See or affordable plans.


Keyword Monitoring Example

Here you see our keyword monitoring dashboard. Add and remove keywords as often as you want. Small graphics indicate the ranking changes.

Keyword Monitor Features


Free Keyword Monitoring?

One of the most important aspects of SEO is to monitor your keyword rankings. Most e-commerce websites depend on organic search results for the products they sell. Only if you know were you rank for a certain keyword you can build effective online markting strategies to improve your rankings. We also offer a free Keyword Rank Checker. It checks the Google Top 100 results for any keyword. If you need permanent monitoring try the keyword monitor. Remember that you get a fourteen day free trial period.