White Label SEO Tools

In addition to our SEO APIs, there are also SEORCH White Label versions. We fit SEORCH completely to the layout and design of your website and it looks for your users like the service is offered by you. There wil be no more evidence of SEORCH :)

For example, you can ask the user with a simple form to input the contact information and you can therefore generate leads. If the existing SEORCH analysis is too complex for your audience we can customize the contents of the white label version completely. Pricing depends on how many queries will be done in your White Label audit. So as a rough number .. between 50 and 250 Euros / USD per month.

All white label versions are running on my server. We can map a domain or subdomain or you integrate it with an IFRAME to your website. If there are no special requests a whitelabel audit can be done in 3-4 days. Of course you can also combine different tools.

If you are interested or just curious .. mail me.

Available Whitelabel SEO Tools

Tool Description
ONPAGE Check Comprehensive OnPage analysis
ONPAGE Check PRO Comprehensive OnPage analysis with executed JavaScript
ONPAGE Check Multi OnPage analysis based on a XML sitemap
ONPAGE Crawler Technical SEO crawl up to 2000 pages
SUGGEST Tool Suggest data (related keywords) for 1 keyword with all variants, numbers and characters from Google, Yandex, Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google Shopping, Google News and Bing
QUESTION Tool Get all questions users have asked Google for any given keyword
SNIPPET Tool Simulate the Google Search snippet
RANKING Tool Live Google Top 100 Rankings
COMPARE Tool Compare multiple websites for any given keyword