Test a complete website for OnPage SEO factors.

Crawl thousands of pages, find missing content, technical errors and much more ..

Website Structure Analyzing - Features

With the SEORCH Crawler you can analyse a complete website. We developed a web crawler that automatically follows all links on the site like the Google bot. Each page found is analysed for content and technical factors. At the end you will get a comprehensive analysis with the following information:

SEO Visual Crawler - analyse single pages
SEO Crawler content analysis
  • missing/empty/duplicate TITLE Tags
  • missing/empty/duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • missing/empty H1 Tags
  • missing/empty H2 Tags
  • too long/short Title Tags
  • too long/short Meta Descriptions
  • too long/short texts
  • all internal Links
  • all external Links
  • pages with more than 100 outgoing links
  • pages with few incoming links
  • pages without internal links
  • pages without external links
  • CSV export for excel import
SEO Crawler technical analysis
  • average response time of your website
  • response time of each single page
  • pages responding with HTTP Status: 301, 302, 4xx or 5xx
  • URL forwarding chains
  • X-Robots / Meta Robots for each site: noindex, nofollow, noarchive, nosnippet
  • multiple Canonical Tags
  • multiple Robots / X-Robots
  • multiple Title Tags
  • multiple Meta Descriptions
  • Canonical Tag points to other URL
  • pages without Robots information
  • pages with empty/missing ALT Tags
  • URLs with upper cases
  • URLs with more than 115 characters
  • filesizes over 100 kb
  • overview for all URL params
  • pages with more than 1 URL param
  • pages with Framesets
  • pages with inline CSS
  • pages with inline JavaScript
  • pages with Meta Refreshs
  • ports in URL
  • URLs with duplicate slashes
  • redirect loops
SEO Crawler - analyse single pages
  • HTTP Status
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • H1 Tags
  • H2 Tags
  • Meta Keywords
  • Robots/X-Robots
  • Links internal/external
  • Canonical Tag
  • Response Time