Overview of our (and other good) SEO tools:

Without a good SEO tool, optimizing websites is very time consuming. That's why there is SEORCH. Here is an overview of all SEO tools offered on SEORCH. In addition, other SEO tools that I find good and therefore can recommend.

THE best SEO tool does not exist. I do not know any that is really complete and none that would be perfect. It's best to try out as much as you can and choose the tools that will most effectively solve your problems and, above all, make your job easier. If SEO tools provide questionable results, then check back twice and write to the developer. He is usually thankful :)

And which SEO tools do you really need?

First of all, the Google Search Console. This is by far the most important and only SEO tool which is needed in any case. Only when you have understood the information the Search Console provides and all errors are corrected you can think of other SEO tools. But even then you do not have to spend money. For Domains up to 2000 sites you can always use good SEO crawlers like Screaming Frog or the SEORCH SEO Crawler for free.

With a crawler you can analyze the foundation (the HTML code) of your website and correct errors. Only if your page is technically correct, the internal linking is correct, no more unnecessary forwardings are present, the page load time is less than 5 seconds (better under 3 seconds) and no 404 errors occur you can move forward and create good and relevant content.

Google Ranking Check

Google live ranking check. Neutral search results for many countries.

Ultrasuggest / Keyword Tools

Create hundrets of related keywords based on the suggests of Google, Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, Wikipedia ..

Question Keyword Generator

Find all questions users have asked Google.

Google SERP snippet tool

Simulate a Google SERP snippet and optimize your titles and descriptions.

Site Comparison Tool

Compare the onpage factors and keyword occurrences of your website vs. the Google top rankings.

Google Keyword Monitoring

Monitor your important rankings on a daily basis. No more suprises. Desktop and mobile.

SEO Check with executed JavaScript

Google Bot can render your website with or without JavaScript. Better be ready.

SEO Spider / Crawler

Without a good SEO crawler there is no technical SEO.

Check local rankings

Get local rankings for over 90.000 places.

Other SEO tools (I can recommend):

Hreflang Test

Made by Dejan SEO from Down Under. Checks your hreflang implementation.


THE best page performance tool. Please forget about Google Page Speed ;)

W3C Validation

Only flawless HTML source code is good source code!

SSL Test

Check if your SSL encryption is bulletproof


Best tool to find internal duplicate content.