I have developed many SEO APIs for SEORCH in the recent years. Some of them are available for your software too. All APIs have a JSON interface and the requests are made through HTTP. Pricing depends on the usage. We even will set up your own server if you need a high volume of API queries per day.

There are also whitelable versions of SEORCH available. If you got no time to integrate a SEO API i can setup a version of SEORCH with your layout and logo. There are even possibilities to generate leads for your sales department.

If you are interested or just curious .. mail me. I also build custom SEO APIs.

Available APIs

API Description Params
S.ONPAGE Complete OnPage analysis (short / long) URL, Keyword
S.ONPAGESEGMENT Segmented OnPage analysis (short / long) URL, Keyword, Segment
S.PAGESPEED Google Page Speed analysis URL
Y.PAGESPEED YSLOW Page Speed analysis URL
S.SCREENSHOT Screenshot of any given URL URL
S.PDF PDF of any given URL URL
S.ULTRASUGGEST Suggest data (related keywords) for 1 keyword with all variants, numbers and characters from Google, Yandex, Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google Shopping, Google News and Bing Keyword, Country, Language, Service
S.SOCIALSPREAD Shares, Likes, +1s from any given domain (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn) URL, Service
W.DOMAINAGE Domainage and last update URL
W.BACKLINKS Number and source of Wikipedia backlinks for any given URL URL, Country
W.VALIDATOR HTML validation for an URL URL
G.SERP Top 100 Google SERPs for 1 keyword Keyword, Country, Language
G.COUNT Number of pages in the Google index for one domain Domain, Country, Language
G.SUGGEST Google Suggest data (related keywords) for one keyword with all variants, numbers and characters Keyword, Country, Language
G.QUESTIONS All questions users have asked Google for any given keyword Keyword, Country, Language
B.SERP Top 100 Bing SERPs for 1 keyword Keyword, Land, Sprache
D.SERP Top 100 DuckDuckGo SERPs for 1 keyword Keyword, Land, Sprache